Sanus is committed to providing your service by producing high quality, safety and low cost hemodialysis consumables in the modern production field by taking the experience and trust and confidence it has given for many years in the hemodialysis industry.

We are aware that the reliability and performance of our products make a big difference in the quality of life of the patient. For the quality and safety of the products that we produce, we carry out our studies in accordance with the procedures of national and International Inspection and certification institutions. All of our production phases contribute to the protection of the first-class quality management system, and are carried out in accordance with the requirements such as testing, safety, efficiency, production, labeling and distribution.

SANUS's policy is to comply with quality standards and regulations on all products we develop, manufacture or sell.

SANUS evaluates and reviews the quality management system periodically. SANUS continuously monitors innovation and technology to improve product and service quality and aware of the fact that today's achievements do not guarantee tomorrow. Therefore, SANUS keeps R&D and quality management alive on a strong basis in order to provide solutions not only for today but also for tomorrow's needs and problems in all planning and innovation activities.

In addition to modern technology and quality standards to meet specific customer needs, using high quality raw materials and managing the production process with expert personnel in the field are the basic principles of our production process.

Our patients and our customers are confident in the quality of SANUS products. We will provide this trust forever.

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